HTM is an innovative healthcare-IT company that specializes in human factors for the aging.



TELLYHealth™ is a patent-pending, interactive, patient-centered home health education and feedback platform. TELLYHealth™ provides educational information on the patient’s health condition. The patient’s responses to TELLYHealth™ questions are securely transmitted to the provider’s website in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

TELLYHealth™ has been designed using the best practices of “human factors for the aging” to ensure ease of use for older adult patients. It is also designed for rapid use by busy healthcare professionals.

Patients access and operate TELLYHealth™ on their home TV. With a large TV screen, patients can view and review TELLYHealth™ content with family members and caregivers, which provides many advantages.


TELLYHealth™ is a stand-alone system that is designed to be readily interfaced with electronic medical record (EMR) systems in collaboration with any healthcare practice’s IT personnel and vendors.



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HTM is a unique interdisciplinary healthcare company that specializes in processes and technologies for improved patient education and patient—provider communications. Our hallmarks include excellence in system usability, health literacy, and individualized patient-centered care.

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