• Empowering Patient Education & Communication

    Healthcare Technologies and Methods (HTM) develops innovative technology-based systems and processes that significantly improve:

    • Process efficiency
    • Patient health literacy
    • Patient-provider communication
    • Healthcare documentation accuracy and completeness
    • Remote patient tracking that enables timely interventions
  • Mission

    Our systems are designed to enable healthcare professionals to efficiently track their patients and to achieve the three pillars of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS):

    • Better health
    • Better healthcare
    • Reduced Costs

    To help health systems achieve “interoperability”, we develop interfaces between our technologies, complementary medical systems, and electronic health records.

Healthcare Grant Collaborations

We invite like-minded healthcare organizations to contact us about R&D collaborations on NIH grants and other projects

Process and IT System Redesign

HTM can help you redesign processes in your healthcare organization then develop a robust and easy-to-use IT system that matches each new process.

Customized Product Development

HTM can develop and support new customized products for your healthcare organization for improved patient education, patient adherence, patient-provider communications, data collection, clinical trials and reporting.

Reinforcing a patient's healthcare education in a health literacy-appropriate manner will result in better adherence & enhanced patient-provider communication -- leading to improved health outcomes.

About Us

HTM is a unique interdisciplinary healthcare company that specializes in processes and technologies for improved patient education and patient—provider communications. Our hallmarks include excellence in system usability, health literacy, and individualized patient-centered care.

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